In January 2020, there were 666 men, women and children in 456 households who were homeless in Middlesex County, which means that, during the course of the year, there are over 1000 individuals in Middlesex County without a place to call home.

Men comprise the majority of homeless adults without children at 74%; while women represent 80% of adults in households with children (families). Children comprise 27% of the total homeless population.


According to the 2020 PIT,  75% of the people who are homeless, or 565 persons, in Middlesex County are in shelters and motels, including 181 children. The majority of all Sheltered Families (79%) were headed by female single parents.

On the night of the 2020 Point in Time survey, 99 households were completely unsheltered — living on the streets — in Middlesex County.


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