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Coming Home is addressing accessibility by locating existing rentals and educating landlords about the assistance provided to them, and the benefits they receive,by working with us to rehouse people. It also has created a new Homes for the Homeless program to ensure the creation of affordable housing specifically for those experiencing homelessness.

Homes for the Homeless is designed to guide and facilitate stakeholder activities in the creation of affordable, permanent housing in Middlesex County. In conjunction with our municipal, affordable housing and social service partners, Coming Home acts as a catalyst for the creation of housing by identifying and assessing the viability of property; identifying possible sources of funding and developing cross-functional project teams for the specific work. It also informs potential projects initiated by affordable housing developers as to current and specific needs and sources of funding.

Coming Home ensures the collection of accurate data to identify solutions appropriate to the particular causes of homelessness and the particular needs of persons who are homeless. We support members of the permanent, supportive-housing project development team in whatever way is necessary and feasible during and after the project. The goals of all projects are to (1) limit risks associated with development, (2) minimize costs and (3) maximize the utilization of property to suit the identified, documented need for those experiencing homelessness in Middlesex County.

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Once a formerly homeless person is newly housed, they will need temporary assistance with rent payments while they move along the path to self-sufficiency. Coming Home tries to raise funds to provide temporary rental assistance to homeless persons who are not eligible for government rental vouchers for people with disabilities. Our data indicates a pronounced need for rental assistance for those who are homeless due to economic hardship, without having a diagnosed disability.



Permanent supportive housing exists in County for those needing long-term supports; Coming Home has identified a need for a social service navigation to help the “hardship homeless” along the path to being self-sufficient, contributing members of the community. The social service navigator or case manager works with each household to identify strengths and unmet needs and develop an individualized plan to promote eventual self-sufficiency. Coming Home’s Board has identified a need to strengthen job development programs to assist a person’s quest to be self-sufficient and is working to put those programs in place.

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