Built for Zero

Coming Home participates on behalf of, and in conjunction with, the County’s Housing Continuum of Care (CoC) in the Built for Zero (BFZ) Initiative of Community Solutions, a nonprofit organization with national reach that deploys the best problem solving tools from multiple sectors to help communities end homelessness and the conditions that create it.

Community Solutions periodically holds learning sessions for all of its member communities and is available with regular conference calls during the year to assist in the collection of data; the tracking of progress towards the goals we identified and accelerating the spread of proven strategies.

Coming Home’s COO, Bobbin Paskell, travelled with other community members to Denver this week to share strategies with partners around the country, specifically our County’s success these past 6 months or so in reducing the number of chronically homeless persons by 28%. We still have a lot to do and return from Denver with renewed energy and new strategies to end homelessness in Middlesex County! #endhomelessness #bfzlearning #BuiltforZero