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Volunteer Opportunities

Coming Home is always looking for innovative ways to utilize the contributions of community members in the fight against homelessness. Please contact us directly to discuss ways in which your efforts can best match our needs and opportunities.

For more information please contact Meriam Shenoda.


We have created a Wish List, updated throughout the year for specific items requested by our clients.

The list continues to grow organically because our Case Managers listen to the expressed needs of our clients in addition to providing helpful resources to address their homeless situation.

Housewares Donations

Housewares donations are always needed when we help clients move into permanent housing.


LINENS: Various sizes and new (if possible)


FLATWARE: Utensils, plates and glasses


CLEANING SUPPLIES: Kitchen, bathroom, general home

If you or your civic, faith-based or school group are able to sponsor a collection of donations or the items listed, you can contact Meriam Shenoda at 732-296-7954 or for help with logistics.

Thanks in advance for your support!