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Point in Time

The Point in Time Survey is conducted every year nationwide by communities to not only get a count of people, both sheltered and unsheltered, experiencing homelessness, but also to try and understand the particular cause of their respective homelessness.


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In addition to creating new housing, Coming Home reaches out to landlords in Middlesex County to expand the system’s network of landlords with whom our coalition agencies work to house clients who need homes. We have garnered the participation of new landlords who work with us to house our clients at affordable rates, and perhaps with a flexible application of their normal screening criteria, for such things as credit or eviction history. In turn, we offer a steady flow of tenants reducing vacancy rates, reliable rental assistance and case managers to assist the tenants. 

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The work of Coming Home and its coalition partners is evidence-based and constantly evolving.  We keep our partners informed of current events in the housing marketplace, such as eviction moratoria, as well as the refinements to our collective processes and information systems. 


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